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The Society of Hospital Medicine’s 2018 Annual Conference is right around the corner. In a few short weeks, Professionals from across the globe will be gathering in Orlando, Florida to take part in the biggest meeting of the year for hospitalists. The meeting provides a rare and invaluable opportunity for education, training and networking with their fellow colleagues. An accompanying expo provides the industry with an opportunity to build meaningful relationships with those they serve.

What can be expected at this year’s conference?

The conference provides an opportunity for weary hospitalists to hone their craft, get pumped up, and learn from the foremost experts in their trade. This year’s lecture schedule covers a breadth of topics from bug related illnesses to surgery prep. Themed lectures with references to Star Wars, Harry Potter, and even Disney promise to add a fun twist to this year’s schedule. With topics as diverse as the worlds their titles reference, this year’s lecture line up has the makings of a performance that will both entertain and educate. Welcome additions to the schedule include a selection of talks centered on business, interpersonal, technical, and soft skills often overlooked in the training process.

Last year, an estimated 4,600 hospitalists flocked to Las Vegas. This year, eyes will be on Orlando, as an even bigger crowd is expected to take part in the event of the year for hospitalists. As one of the youngest specialties in medicine, Hospital Medicine is also one of the fastest-growing. For more on the history of Hospital Medicine, check out A Quick History of Hospitalists.

Are you planning on attending? Let us know! Also, keep an eye out for booth #303. We would love to see you there!

Society of Hospital Medicine 2018
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