Testimonials - Fusion Healthcare Staffing

What Physicians are Saying

“Thank you Julie!  Just to let you know, Dr. John’s file was one of the best as far as being complete! “She really did make it easy. “
– Dr. H

“I work with Fusion exclusively, I love you guys.”
– Dr. G.A.

“Thank you, Angela. It was my pleasure working with you and your team. Everyone, especially you, is amazingly efficient and helpful. I really have been enjoying my new professional adventure as a locum. I hope we will have more opportunities working together in the future. 

“Thank you for your great work.”
– Dr. C.L.

“You’re wonderful!  It’s been great working with you and your team.”

– Dr. L.N.

“Thanks for everything Jake… you and your whole crew have been stellar! Truly…this has been an excellent experience for me.”
– Dr. M.M.

“I have Angela Akers from Fusion. The company who was helping me with my locums at Franciscan Health in La Fayette. They are phenomenal to work with.”
– Dr. L.F.

“Just a quick message to say I love all of you! Fusion has hands down, proven you are the best locums companies! Seriously, you have all been super!”
– Dr. M.M.

“Let me just take a moment to compliment Lawrence and Jake and Missy as they are always on top of everything. They always make sure that I know where I’m going and the car and hotel are perfect and it is super easy to turn in my time card. It’s great working with all of you. Thank you for your professionalism and diligence.

“Thanks for everything.”
– Dr McCuan

“I will always keep you guys in mind as my transition seems to have gone smoothly and it would be easy to recommend Fusion if I find a Doc that would be a good fit.”
– Dr. VM

“They are professional and always so pleasant! John Ambrose, Missy Burton and Gabi Hart are the most amazing team and I love them! If I left anyone out my apologies! Love you guys”
– S.B.M

“Alex and I were just talking about how awesome everyone at Fusion has been to work with compared with other locum companies that he worked with over the last 10 years. Thank you! So far I’m impressed with how Fusion does things so I would like to continue to work with you guys.”
– T

“One more thing, I have a colleague who is also interested in doing some locums after hearing from me. Is there any referral bonus if I make him sign with your company? You’ve been so amazing, I’m trying to make everyone sign with you especially, and your team.”
– K.S. 

What Employers are Saying

“I have to say that I have never had this level of service with ANY Locums company that we have used since I started in this position 5 years ago.  You guys are the best and I wish you could help me with the other 390 people on the staff.”
– M.W.

“Want you to know we would like to rely a lot more on your company for a long term relationship and meeting our locums needs.”
– M.W.

“Had a phone interview with the folks from Community this afternoon.  They were so glad I was working with Fusion and not another agency as they said you girls were the best to work with and the credentialing staff at the hospital love Naomi.”
– J.W

“You guys are so great to work with I think you could give other recruiters lessons!  Seriously, some of them are so pushy & rude – I just dig my heels in.  Probably not good but dang it.”
– D.M.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ali Cole for the last several months on files with multiple physicians.  Although Sound Physicians works with various agencies, Ali has made my experience with Fusion the best one I’ve had, hands down.  She is thorough in her work, prompt in follow ups, and understanding when my hands are tied while I am also trying to get information for both of us from a medical staff office.  It’s a rare occurrence that I have such a fantastic counterpart to work with though an agency and I look forward to working with Ali again!  Please know how well Ali represents Fusion day in and day out. Thanks so much.”
– L.R.

“We look forward to our continued partnership with Fusion.  You were all quick and answered every call, that is truly appreciated.”
– A.C

“Yes his file is complete and ready for signature!!! You guys are awesome to work with on credentialing!!”