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Most people know Minnesota as the land of 10,000 lakes, “Minnesota nice,” and sub-freezing temperatures. However, the North Star State has much more to offer than good manners and frostbitten toes. Here are a few reasons why Minnesota is a highly desirable destination for physicians willing to brave the winter.

  1. Minnesota is a center for medical research. The University of Minnesota is one of the top medical research universities in the US, and many groundbreaking innovations in medicine, from the invention of Cortisone in 1948 to the first digital pacemaker in 2004, have occurred in Minneapolis. If you want to be on the medical cutting edge, then the Twin Cities area is the place for you. (Side-note: if you’re interested in some of medicine’s more bizarre failures, check out the “Questionable Medical Device” collection at the Science Museum of Minnesota. This collection houses everything from phrenology machines to dangerous x-ray hair removers, and it’s definitely worth a visit.)
  2. Minnesota is one of the top-earning states for physicians. According to the Medscape Physician Compensation report of 2015, only six states (North Dakota, Alaska, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and New Hampshire) have higher average salaries. Minnesota comes in at number seven with an average of $288,000. And if you’re interested in working in rural or low-income areas, then your income could be significantly higher due to government policies aimed at improving healthcare in poorer regions.
  3. If you are not licensed in Minnesota, not to worry! You can receive your licensing in ninety days or less. With the assistance of a medical staffing company like Fusion HCS, this process can be simple and stress-free.
  4. Finally, Minnesota has a lot to offer you during your free time. If you’re an outdoors enthusiast, then you’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Great Lakes region and its fantastic fishing. If you prefer the city life, then the Twin Cities are a great place for fine dining, arts, entertainment, and shopping. You may also be interested in Duluth, which is located on the coast of Lake Superior. Known as the San Francisco of the Midwest, this port town offers beautiful views and a unique urban lifestyle that you’ll be sure to love.

Minnesota is one of the best sites for doctors wanting to stay on the cutting edge of medical innovation or simply enjoy the beautiful Great Lakes region. If you’re interested in working in this area, then comment below or give us a call to connect with our staffing experts.

5 Reasons to Work Locum Tenens in Minnesota