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In honor of World Diabetes Day and American Diabetes Month, we’ve compiled some shocking statistics on diabetes in the United States from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We encourage you to share your thoughts and stories as well by using the American Diabetes Association’s hashtag #ThisIsDiabetes.

  • Diabetes is widespread. As of 2012, 29.1 million Americans had diabetes. That’s 9.3% of the population. In seniors, this percentage increases to 25.9%.
  • Diabetes is deadly. In 2010, diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death in the United States, causing more deaths than breast cancer and AIDS combined. The risk of death for adults with diabetes is 50% higher than for those without. Diabetes can also result in blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, stroke, and the loss of toes, feet, or legs.
  • Diabetes is expensive. In 2012, diabetes cost the US $176 billion in direct medical costs and an estimated $69 billion in reduced productivity. That’s a total of $245 billion. In addition, medical costs for people with diabetes are twice as high as for those without.
  • Diabetes is increasing. 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes each year, and by 2012, 86 million American adults had prediabetes. This is an increase from the 79 million with prediabetes in 2010. It is estimated that at least 1 out of every 3 people in the US will develop diabetes in their lifetime.

These are some sobering statistics, but the American Diabetes Association is bringing hope to Americans who suffer from this disease. Let’s raise awareness this month for diabetes research and prevention.

If you would like to know if you’re at risk, try out this helpful screening questionnaire from the CDC.

The Facts About Diabetes