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Earlier this month we covered the first 6 of 12 unexpected career paths for those in the medical field. Click here for our first post so you can which fields made the first half of this list!

7. Hospital Ethics Committees

Hospital ethics committees are organized to help physicians, patients, and their families navigate and resolve ethical disagreements. These committees are especially needed in situations involving end of life care. In fact, a mandate was issued by the Joint Commission in 1992 requiring healthcare organizations to have some way of addressing medical concerns.

8. Health Policy and Politics

Within every society there exists a need to set healthcare goals and map out actions to be taken in order to accomplish these goals. That’s where health policy makers come in. For politically oriented individuals with a background in medicine, this is field is a perfect fit. Health policy makers and analysts can work in a variety of related fields, from pharmaceutical and vaccination policy to tobacco control and breastfeeding promotion policy.

9. International Aid

This philanthropy-oriented field is another field that holds with it a myriad of possibilities. Some surgeons travel around the world working on cleft palates or other physical challenges, while nurses work at all corners of globe providing immediate aid to those in need. Some medical professional with more managerial experience might even put their knowledge to work by setting up international healthcare clinics.

10. Medical Research

Medicine is only as far advanced and fast-paced as it is because of the role that medical researchers play. Medical researchers devise and conduct scientific experiments designed to increase the knowledge base that we have about the human body, disease, medical drugs, and more.

11. Medical Device Engineering

Medical engineers are individuals with a background in both engineering and medicine who apply engineering principles to developing new and more advanced medical technology. This is another field that, without it, medicine could in no way be as far advanced as it is today.

12. School Nurse

Perhaps this profession is not unexpected, but the role of a school nurse in the medical realm is often forgotten. It is the job of school nurses to work in schools treating students and educating them on proper health care.

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12 Unexpected Career Paths in the Medical Field (continued)