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Working in a service-oriented field where you are constantly taking care of others can be stressful, often to the point where you start to forget to watch for your own physical, mental, and psychological health. Yet maintaining resiliency and avoiding burnout are crucially important to helping you maintain top performance as well as an outward appearance of calmness while at work in the medical realm. If you’re worried about experiencing burnout in the workplace, here are some great tips to help you keep your own needs in check and avoid stress, anxiety, and exhaustion.

Debrief after Difficult Cases

Debriefing after difficult cases is a great way to relieve the stress that has built up after a long period hard work and anxiety. It is particularly helpful for employees after they have experienced a traumatic event, or something that is morally draining. These brief interventions can be done with a therapist, or more often with other colleagues as guided by a session leader so that employees can discuss the types of stresses they are being exposed to. It is typically up to those in managerial positions to keep tabs on their staff and make sure they are getting ample opportunities for debriefing as needed.

Take Care of Yourself Physically

It can be especially difficult as a busy nurse or physician to get enough sleep and practice proper nutrition, but make it a priority to care for yourself physically. Do your best to get ample, quality sleep and plenty of exercise, while also maintaining healthy eating habits. You may find yourself consistently ignoring your own physical needs when duties arise—in fact this is a skill that is honed by medical professionals over years of practice—but look for ways that you can better adjust your routines both inside and outside of the workplace in order to promote a strong body and mind.

Practice Stress Relief at Home

Stress relieving activities such as yoga and meditation done outside of the workplace can have a tremendous effect on how you feel when you are busy at work. Stress relief is different from everyone, so take time to figure out what works best for you. For some it is running or hiking, while others prefer to read a book while soaking in a warm bath.

Keep a Private Record of Rewarding Experiences

It is critically important to protect the personal information of the patients you work with; but that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep a safe and private personal record of the rewarding experiences that you have as a medical professional. After long periods of hard work and mental and physical exhaustion, a record of especially rewarding victories from throughout your career is a great thing to go back to in order to remind yourself of why you entered the medical field in the first place.

Caring for Yourself while Taking Care of Others