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While doctors and nurses are the stereotypical workers in the medical field, there exist many more job opportunities. Those with a background in medicine can apply their specialized knowledge to all sorts of fields, from law and media to art and sales. Read on for a quick look at some fields hiring medical professionals that you may not have expected.

1. Legal Consulting

Medicine and law come into contact very frequently, and this means that individuals with backgrounds in medicine are needed for legal consulting. Legal nurse consultants work with attorneys to help them interpret the medical aspects of legal cases. This work involves interpreting and records, clarifying medical terminology, and consulting with lawyers about healthcare-related issues.

2. TV or Media Consulting

Consultants are needed in the media as well. Television shows centered around medicine, for example, tend to have at least one consultant or writer with a medical background on staff in order to ensure that what is said and what happens on a show mimics a real-life medical environment.

3. Medical Writing

Medical writers have a combination of both medical experience and effective communication skills. They are staffed by hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, websites, academic health centers, and other companies and institutions that need knowledgeable individuals to create well-written regulatory documents and/or advertising copy.

4. Medical Illustration

Medical professionals who also happen to have an artistic background are great candidates for a career in medical illustration. It is the job of medical illustrators to create visual imagery for hospitals, medical schools, medical journals, research organizations, and more. This work is not limited to illustration or graphic design, either; those with a background in photography or videography will find work in this field as well.

5. Pharmaceutical Sales

Pharmaceutical sales representatives are salespeople employed by pharmaceutical companies to market drugs to physicians, pharmacists, and hospital personnel. While this pharmaceutical sales is not exclusively populated with nurses and others trained in medicine, a background in medicine makes for a great fit when you are meeting with medical professionals on a regular basis.

6. Company Health Boards

Many large companies—particularly food and nutrition companies—have health-related branches of their companies staffed with medical professionals. One example of an institution that would supply jobs in this realm is The Coca Cola Company’s Beverage Institute of Health and Wellness.

Does one of these career paths sounds like it could lead you to the job of your dreams? If you’re looking to get the hands-on experience necessary for pursuing a career in one of these fields, contact Fusion HealthCare staffing today to help you get started on your career path.

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12 Unexpected Career Paths in the Medical Field