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Have you ever dreamed about a job that allows you to travel around the world, meet new people, and constantly learn things that revolutionize the way that you see yourself? While that may not be the reason that you decided to go into medicine, it’s still true that the medical field is an excellent place to be if you want to travel and work at the same time.

Although people, societies, and cultures may all differ around the world, one thing remains the same: we all need medical care. As long as humans have bodies, we’ll continue to need medical aid in every remote place that people are also found.

Benefits of Being a Travel Doctor

  • You’ll get varied experience in your field, working with different systems, types of patients, and diverse co-workers.
  • It’s an excellent resume-builder, and you’ll meet all kinds of people who could be excellent contacts with your goals in the future.
  • You get to do good in the places that need it the most. Instead of being a tourist who simply consumes and doesn’t add anything to the place they’re visiting, you’ll be a contributor, and local people will be thrilled to welcome you.
  • By working with people in places that you wouldn’t normally go, you’ll expand your own view of the world and your place in it.

Ways to Be a Traveling Doctor

Work for the Government
Every student has considered working for the military. After all, who doesn’t want the government to take care of their medical school costs? Working as a physician or other medical professional with the military is a great option for many people. However, if it’s not your style, there are still a lot of ways that you can work for the government and travel. Try searching jobs with the Department of State, or explore your options with an international organization like the CDC. In every place that you go, you’ll be a representative of the United States as a healer and helper.

Volunteer for Non Profits
Everyone has heard of Doctors Without Borders. This amazing organization places qualified medical professionals in crisis zones around the world where medical aid is needed the most.

Doctors Without Borders isn’t your only option, though. There are also organizations like Projects Abroad that accept people with different qualifications, including med students. There are even organizations like Global Dental Relief that invites dentists and technicians to educate patients around the world and relieve suffering from dental issues.

Expedition & Sports Medicine

If you’re ready for a real adventure, look into expedition and sports medicine. Expedition medicine will require you to act as the medical resource for explorers and scientists researching in the most remote locations around the globe. Sports medicine allows you the same opportunities for travel as professional athletes. These fields are competitive, but if you can land a gig, you’ll get a chance for amazing adventures.

Locum Tenens

Not every travel opportunity is about going abroad. There are tons of ways that you can serve here in America and gain the same advantages that you would by traveling abroad. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the same levels of red tape that that come with certification for practicing abroad.

Locum Tenens is a way that different healthcare facilities fill vacancies and needs in their staffing. These jobs are usually limited contracts which will enable you to practice in various places throughout the country and understand more about how different places are run. Search our database for more information about job openings in your specialty.

How to Work and Travel as a Medical Professional