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It’s not hard to see that the medical field is an exciting place to be. For one thing, new advances and technologies emerge every day that allow us to take better care of our patients. For another, it’s a rich field both for those of us who love science, and those who love interacting directly with people. Healthcare is also one of the most stable careers that you can opt for, with wide opportunities for growth in the coming years. actually states that 12 of its 30 fastest-growing jobs are in the healthcare field. One of the reasons for this rapid growth is that throughout the country, we’re seeing an aging population, which has more and more health concerns, and is increasingly depending on professional care. As medical advances allow us to live longer, we continue to need specialized care in order to keep up our health and quality of life. Another reason for the extraordinary stability of medical jobs is that it requires standards and specialization, as well as face-to-face contact, or on-site technicians. That makes it labor that’s difficult to outsource to cheaper countries.

According to Forbes, these are some of the fastest-growing jobs in the field of health care:

  • Audiologist: Audiologists deal with the science of hearing, balance, and related disorders.
    Biomedical engineer: Biomedical engineering is the application of engineering to medical devices, implants, and software.
  • Dietician: Dieticians develop plans and counsel patients on diet and nutrition to support health and counter chronic disease like heart disease and cancer.
  • Optometrist: These eye specialists monitor eyes for vision problems, as well as overall health issues. Through prescribing corrective lenses, they treat refractive errors.
  • Physical therapist: Physical therapy incorporates a thorough understanding of anatomy and movement in order to restore function, reduce pain, and improve the quality of life for patients facing limited mobility due to disease, age, or accident.
  • Pharmacist: Pharmacists advise patients and doctors about the dosage, side effects, and interaction of different drugs.

Remember that if you decide to enter the health field, your options for style of work, location, and level of interpersonal skills required still varies greatly. Health positions can range from hospitals to the home, from government positions to volunteering opportunities around the world. Through locum tenens you can widen your range of experience and learn more about different areas in which to exercise your skills. Contact us if you’re interested in using your health care qualifications to travel!

Fastest-Growing Professions in Healthcare