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Earlier this month we discussed the most common questions posed in healthcare job interviews. Now, it’s time to discuss the most underutilized portion of the job interview: the opportunity for the job seeker to ask questions. If you’re preparing for an interview for a job in the medical field and are wondering which questions would be best to ask during the interview, here are some of the most useful questions you can ask.

What are the typical challenges faced by new hires?

This is a good question that shows interest in the company or facility, as well as in preparing yourself well for the work there.

How has this job been performed in the past? How are you looking to change that?

This also shows special interest in the position and in preparing yourself to rise up to the responsibilities required by that position. It also opens up an opportunity for you to briefly discuss how your unique skill set could serve as a solution here.

What are your company goals? How does this position factor into those goals?

Job seekers are often asked about their own goals in an interview, and turning the question around could offer you an opportunity to learn more about the facility’s or company’s mission. You’ll also learn more about how the position’s role overall and how much of an influence you could have as an employee.

What is your management style?

This is an important question to ask in any field. If the interviewer is the person who would also end up being your manager, ask about his or her management style and about how he or she would operate as your manager. It’s important to know from the start if your future manager is more hands-on, or if your manager practices a great deal of delegation and allows for autonomy at work.

What are the next steps?

Be sure when leaving the interview that you are clear on when to expect a response by, and when you might be able to follow up if you have not received an answer. Some employers are more forward about responding to those they have interviewed and would rather not receive follow-ups, while others expect you to follow up. Save yourself from second guessing later and ask the interviewer what to expect after the interview.

Other interview-based questions

The best questions to ask in an interview are those that come as a natural response to things you discussed during the interview. These questions will show strong listening skills as well as interest in both the interview and the position. So, while it is great to have questions prepared ahead of time, be sure to only ask questions that it makes sense to ask based on what you discussed, and feel free to ask questions you might not have had prepared initially if they come to you at some point during the interview.

One additional tip: You are best focusing on questions related to the position and your abilities to rise to the responsibilities required by that position. To stay on the safe side, shy away from asking questions about benefits and compensation; these questions will likely make you come across as self-centered and more interested in getting the job than in making a contribution to the healthcare facility.

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Best Questions to Ask in a Healthcare Job Interview