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The questions posed in medical interviews are often very much the same as those posed in interviews in other fields, but the answers to these questions will, of course, differ as they are tailored to the medical field and the particular medical profession that you are applying for. Here is a quick guide to what questions you might expect to be asked in a medical interview and how to best answer them as a job seeker in the medical field.

Tell me about yourself.

This is by far the most commonly asked interview question, and the very broadness of it can making answering it intimidating. In the medical field, you’ll want to tailor your answer by sharing your medical education, training, and work background, as well as by discussing your ambitions in the medical field. Be sure to keep your answer to less than 30 seconds or so.

What are your strengths?

You’ll want to answer this question by highlighting your strengths, of course, but be sure that the strengths you discuss are industry-related. A medical professional might want to highlight an ability to work well under pressure, an eye for detail, a talent for continued learning, problem-solving skills, or excellent interpersonal skills. The key to answering this question is to be able to offer examples in the form of work experiences that can demonstrate how you have embodied a certain strength.

What are your weaknesses?

This question is tricky because you do not want to share with an employer a weakness that could inhibit your ability to perform well at work, and you also do not want to come across as though you are covering anything up. The ideal job candidate, moreover, is always seeking to improve professional skills and would not necessarily exhibit a stand-out weakness that could serve as a response to this question. The best way to handle this question is to highlight a strength and point out how in some way in might be a weakness. For example, you could discuss how an eye for detail can sometimes lead to the sort of perfectionism that causes you to be harder on yourself than you should be.

How do you perform under pressure?

This is an especially important professional trait to have in the medical field, so it makes sense that it is asked more often in interviews in the medical field. Be sure when answering this question that you can offer a concrete example from your work history of how you have performed well under pressure.

Why do you want to work here?

What attracted you to the position you are applying for? A good answer will involve a respect for the work that the healthcare facility does, or a shared belief in the facility’s mission statement. You don’t want to give the impression that the position you are interviewing for is simply another resume you sent out in hopes of getting a job.

What makes you different from other candidates?

Think about what makes you unique prior to going into the interview. Have you had special healthcare experiences, especially volunteer experiences, that many other medical professionals haven’t had? Remember that what you say here should do more than simply repeat what you have already said; try to think to unique qualities or background knowledge you can bring to the position.

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Common Questions to Expect in a Healthcare Job Interview