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Due to expansion of healthcare coverage and wider access to care, the healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing in the nation right now. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that over 5 million healthcare jobs will be added to the economy by 2022, and with such a wide variety of positions available, there’s really something for everyone. California based job search website, CareerCast has compiled a list of the best healthcare jobs for 2015. Their rating criteria include items like pay scale, expected growth, required education, and stress level of the job. Here are their top picks for 2015, listed by expected growth percentage.

10. Pharmacist (14%): Prepare and dispense medications as prescribed by other doctors, and counsel doctors and patients on the use and potential interactions of various medications.

Median annual salary- $116,670

9. Physiologist (19%): Works directly with patients to engineer an individualized fitness plan to improve muscular strength and endurance, body composition, cardiorespiratory function, and/or flexibility.

Median annual salary- $42,690

8. Dietician (21%): Helps patients to regain and maintain good health through proper nutrition. Dietician’s compile and implement meal plans for hospitals, nursing centers, and even individual patients in their own practices.

Median annual salary- $55,240

7. Medical Technologist (22%): Many diagnostic and monitoring tests are run through machines in labs. Medical technologists make it their business to know how to use lab technology to aid in these tasks.

Median annual salary- $47,820

6. Medical Laboratory Technician (22%): What happens to your urine and blood after you submit it to the lab? It’s put through a battery of tests, performed by a medical technologist. These tests aid in diagnosis and treatment suggestions of almost every form of disease.

Median annual salary- $34,160

5. Optician (23%): Runs the necessary tests to determine the proper prescription for eyeglasses or contacts, and properly fits patients with them. Opticians also screen patients for various eye diseases.

Median annual salary- $33,330

4. Podiatrist (23%): Uses many aspects of healthcare, including surgery, medication, therapy, and corrective devices to keep our bodies’ foundation- our feet- nice and healthy.

Median annual salary- $116,440

3. Dental Hygienist (33%): The dentist’s right hand man, or woman, is responsible for cleaning, preventative care, and educating patients about caring for teeth at home. The dental hygienist may also examine patients for signs of gingivitis and other problems.  Median annual salary- $70,210

2. Audiologist (34%): An audiologist focuses specifically on diagnosing and treating hearing problems. They work meticulously to discover what range, nature and degree a person’s hearing functions in, and why.

Median annual salary- $69,720

1. Physical Therapist (36%): From treatment of conditions causing chronic pain, to sports injury rehabilitation, physical therapists’ work compliments almost every other branch of medicine. With so many applications for this one-on-one form of treatment, it’s no wonder that physical therapy is slated to be the fastest growing healthcare career in 2015.

Median annual salary- $79,860



The Hottest Jobs in Healthcare for 2015