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Caretaker helping senior gentleman walk with zimmer frameThere are over 40 types of nurses, each with their different functions and specialities.  Nurses not only specialize in diseases and types of treatment, but in other things like location of treatment and age of patients.  Rassmussen College with the help of analysed 1,023,796 nursing position openings from September 9, 2013 – September 8, 2014 and posted the most in-demand career paths in the United States.  Below are the top ten in-demand careers, with approximately how many openings are available in each type of nursing position.

Registered Nurse

Registered Nurses (RN) must have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing (either an ADN or BSN degree).  They are the most common type of nurse, but also the most in-demand. They have the most flexibility regarding career opportunities.   Their typical patients are those with injuries, illnesses and medical conditions. There are around 377,000 openings in the United States.

Licensed Practical Nurse

Licensed Practical Nurses work under the supervision of an RN.  They must receive LPN certification in order to become a LPN.  They typically check vital signs, give injections and administer medicine.  There are around 118,000 openings in the United States.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Clinical Nurse Specialists require a MSN or Phd.  They are advanced practice nurses and can diagnose and treat illnesses in their specialty.  They focus on a population, a disease, a setting, type of care or type of health problem.  There are 53,000 openings in the United States.

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioners require a BSN and MSN.  Most of them work under the supervision of a physician, although many are granted autonomy and are qualified to prescribe medication and interpret laboratory tests themselves. There are 53,000 current openings.

Nurse Care Manager

Nurse care managers care for long-term patients and can specialize in different areas like cancer patients, or a specific age group.  They are in charge of scheduling and coordinating the different patients care plans.  Nurse care managers need an ADN or BSN. Nearly 32,000 openings are available in the US.

Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse

ICU RN’s give care to patients with serious care or injuries.  These nurses care for the patients intensively until they are stable enough to be transfered to other units.  Their job is more stressful than many other positions in nursing.  ICU RN’s require at least an ADN, and often have a BSN.  There are currently 30,000 openings in the US.

Travel Registered Nurse

Travel Registered Nurses (TRN) have many of the same duties as a standard RN, but work temporary jobs across the country for a few weeks or a few years.  TRNs are typically given good salaries, housing accommodations and other benefits.  They often work for an agency to find the temporary positions.  Depending on the position, they can have a Nursing Diploma, ASN or BSN. There are 29,600 positions currently available.

Home Care Registered Nurse

Home Care RNs work with patients in their own homes.  Patients are usually have mobility issues and are typically geriatric. Home care is becoming quite common as more people prefer to be treated in their own homes.  Home Care RN’s can have a Nursing Diploma, ASN or BSN. There are nearly 25,000 openings.  

Operating Room Registered Nurse

Operating Room RNs (or Perioperative Nurses) care for patients before, during, and after surgery.  They also act as a liaison between family and the surgical team.  The position is quite stressful, as they are in charge of assisting the surgeon, caring for the patient, monitoring vital signs, controlling bleeding, maintaining as sterile environment as well as care for the patient’s family. There are 20,000 current openings.  

Staff Nurse

Staff Nurses or clinicians have complicated jobs, often working beyond their entry-level experience while caring for patients.  Staff Nurses work in many different settings, some examples include: pediatric, trauma or outpatient areas.  They also supervise other medical staff including RNs and LPNs.  Currently, there are 19,000 openings in the United States.  

Currently, there is a spike in the demand for nurses.  This is a lead indicator that an increased demand for physicians is coming, since nurses are an expense and physicians generate revenue. Fusion HealthCare Staffing can help find the your ideal position today.  Contact us today at 855-537-8353 to start your journey with your recruiting specialist.



Most In-Demand Nursing Careers