Inavero Awards Fusion HealthCare Staffing “Best of Staffing 2018” - Fusion Healthcare Staffing

This past month Inavero released their “Best of Staffing 2018” award winners. We were soon notified that we received the award for Best of Staffing 2018 for the talent side. This came with a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm as this award represented a huge milestone. The timing of this release could not have been more appropriate, for the team here at Fusion HealthCare Staffing had just celebrated the companies fifth birthday just a few weeks earlier.

The award come with a certain level of prestige as only 2% of all agencies earn this award for remarkable service quality. Inavero, a directory of top employment agencies, serves as a leading research firm able to provide independent service quality survey’s, thus providing the most accurate review data possible. This makes them an excellent source of reliable data with over 1.4 million verified reviews to date.

Aside from the prestige and independent assessment, the data itself is invaluable for identifying potential issues and correct them before they have a chance to fester. This allows a company the ability to closely monitor the pulse of their consumer’s satisfaction on a phenomenal level.

The results speak for themselves. Among the comments of our providers who responded to Inavero’s surveys many were quick to point out responsiveness and the experience of our staff. This is best encapsulated by one provider’s comments says, “I already have recommended Fusion to one of my colleagues. Reason: professional, timely, personable”.
While we were not awarded “Best of Staffing” on the client side this time, we are confident we aren’t far away from winning it the future. One of our clients put it best when they said, “Fusion always delivers.”

Inavero Awards Fusion HealthCare Staffing “Best of Staffing 2018”
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