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Medicine is well-known as a field that offers a great deal of financial compensation in return for the hard work that goes into education and gaining experience. In fact, 7 of the 20 highest-paying jobs on U.S. News’ “Best Paying Jobs” list are somehow related to medicine. In addition, U.S. News generated this list by drawing exclusively from their “100 Best Jobs” list, meaning that these jobs not only pay well, but they also offer a great deal of job satisfaction. Here are some jobs in medicine that you may want to aspire to if you’re looking for an especially great measure of job satisfaction and financial security for you and your family, with statistics as reported by U.S. News & World Report.


Physicians work in a wide variety of specializations from pediatrics and psychiatry to emergency medicine and obstetrics-gynecology. This job was the number-one job on U.S. News’ “Best Paying Jobs” list, with a median salary of $188,440.


Dentists are highly trained for identifying and treating problems in the mouth, gums, and teeth. They might extract teeth, fill cavities, perform root canals, or fit dentures. This number-one health care job on U.S. News’ “Best Health Care Jobs” list and number-two job on their “Best Paying Jobs” list has median salary of $146,340.


This job was number 8 on the “Best Paying Jobs” list. It is the job of pharmacists to not only fill prescriptions but also verify prescriptions for any possible interactions with other drugs, instruct patients on how to take medicine, and advise patients on what to do in certain situations when side effects arise. There is also quite a bit of administrative work involved for physicians, as they must coordinate with insurance companies and inform a patient’s doctors about which medications that person has been prescribed. Pharmacists have a median salary of $119,280.

Nurse Practitioner

These are nurses who have had additional education, and thus are often referred to as advanced practice registered nurses. These nurses will perform physical exams, order labs, analyze lab results, and even prescribe medications. They tend to work in specialties like pediatrics or mental health and will often work in autonomy rather than under a physician (depending on what a state’s requirements are.) Nurse practitioners will even work frequently as a patient’s primary health care provider. Their median salary is $92,670.

Physician Assistant

Often abbreviated to “PA,” this position involves working as part of a healthcare team with physicians and other healthcare providers, taking patients’ medical histories, performing physical exams, diagnosing and treating illness, and developing treatment plans. They also assist in surgery and write prescriptions. Their median salary is currently at $92,970.

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The Best High Paying Medical Jobs in the U.S.