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Locum tenens – a history

Locum Tenens is a latin phrase meaning “to hold the place of”. The idea of locum tenens physicians was thought up in the 1970’s by Therus Kolff, MD, MPH and Alan Kronhaus, MD. The two met at the University of Utah while they both were involved with the Health Systems Research Institute (HSRI).  HSRI was given a grant for a project geared towards helping rural communities draw physicians to their areas.   HSRI discovered that doctors were more willing to go to rural areas for a short period of time, rather than permanently.  Pretty soon, other companies offering locum tenens began cropping up, one started by Kronhaus himself.  Nearly 25 companies supply practices with temporary physicians to fill in gaps due to illness, sabbaticals, vacations, and other reasons.  

What are the benefits of working locum tenens?

Flexible schedule

Locum tenens assignments can last anywhere from a few days up to a year.  Opportunities are open for extension as well.  By looking at the different locum tenens opportunities, you can choose your start dates based on when you’d like to take time of.  Sometimes, work days and hours are negotiable during the contract period.  Assignments can be coordinated with vacations, traveling to a new place for a few days while still earning money.  

Travel opportunities

One natural benefit is the opportunity to travel.  Locum tenens are needed across the country and even across the world.  Not only does this give you the opportunity to see and visit new places, it gives you the opportunity to work with different patient demographics.  Also, locum tenens companies typically pay for flights, car rental and housing arrangements, and sometimes even a per diem stipend is available.  

Quickly build job experience

Temporary assignments quickly give experience in many different ways.  Not only will they help you keep your clinical skills sharp, they also sometimes give the opportunity to try different specialities.  You can work in different settings, testing out a new career paths before committing to one area.  

Earn supplemental income

It is possible to take a locum tenens assignment while taking a paid vacation from your regular job.  Since locum tenens positions are available even in your own city, you don’t even have to leave home to earn a few extra dollars.  

Is locum tenens a good fit for you?

When thinking about taking a temporary position, there are lots of things to consider.  Taking a family around the country is more difficult than single doctor traveling on his or her own.  If you don’t like change, locum tenens may not be for you.  Also, locum tenens offers flexibility, but also doesn’t take care of important details like health insurance, taxes, and retirement plans.  Locum tenens positions are very competitive, especially in some specialities and regions, and terms of the contract can be non-negotiable.  Locum tenens physicians must have a very good record and are carefully examined by temporary agencies before they even start to offer opportunities.  Some contracts have slippery fine print, so make sure to read every contract thoroughly before signing up to work locum tenens.  

Fusion HealthCare Staffing should be the first place you look when looking for a Locum Tenens job.  With connections all over the country, Fusion HealthCare Staffing can help you find the perfect locum tenens job today, whether you are looking to work for a few days or start a locum tenens to permanent position. Contact us today at 855-537-8353.

Benefits of Working Locum Tenens