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In the healthcare industry, as in every other industry, job interviews can be intimidating, to say the least. So in addition to preparing for the interview by anticipating questions and taking note of a few key points of etiquette, it can help to know how to gauge how the interview is truly going while you are in the interview. Here are some common signs that your job interview is going well.

The employer connects your experience to the company.

Usually it’s up to the candidate to tell the employer how their experience might benefit the company. But if you notice that the employer is already doing that for you, then that’s a good sign. Let’s say, for example, that you are a physician with a special background in both pediatrics and neurology, and your potential employer expresses that their facility has a particular need for someone with that background. That indicates that the employer is already imagining you filling the position.

The employer discusses more than the position.

Pay attention to the employer’s body language, demeanor, and choice of discussion topic. If you notice that your potential employer is finding common ground with you about things other than the position you are interviewing for, this could very well mean that the employer can visualize you blending well into the company culture.

You were asked about other job prospects.

Your potential employer might also ask you about other opportunities to get a feel for where they as a company stand in your mind. This question might also help the employer gauge how serious you are about the position you are interviewing for. So if you are asked about other job prospects, this is usually a sign that you’ve peaked the employer’s interest.

The interview ran longer than planned.

Interviews can and often do run on a tight schedule, with some employers holding interviews for candidates back-to-back. If your interview runs longer than planned, this could mean that your potential employer has a particularly high interest in you as a candidate. (Of course, there are other reasons that an interview may run longer than planned, such as not coming with a copy of your resume or doing more than your share of the talking.)

You were given a clear time frame.

If the employer is seriously considering hiring you, they can usually give you a more concrete time frame as to when to expect an answer by.

You were introduced to colleagues.

Did the employer introduce you to other colleagues—perhaps even other decision makers—on the way out? Employers tend not to do this when they know a candidate is not a good fit for the company or organization.

6 Signs Your Job Interview Is Going Well