Benefits of Hiring Locum Tenens - Fusion Healthcare Staffing

Leave Coverage

When any of your permanent providers leave on vacation, sabbatical, parental leave, or an extended leave of absence, locum tenens providers can help fill the gap.

Provider Replacement

Locum tenens providers can reduce your facility’s workload in times of inconvenience. It can take up to 30 months in low-population areas to replace surgeons, doctors, and other providers; locum tenens providers enable healthcare facilities to find the best long-term providers rather than leaving them scrambling to find a permanent replacement.

Supplemental Coverage

Locum tenens providers can supplement permanent staff during peak seasons! Supplementing permanent staff with locum tenens providers is more cost-effective than hiring permanent physicians throughout the year.

Patient Satisfaction

Staffing locum tenens providers offers easier patient access to medical care and medical staff is given the support they need. The availability of staff directly influences patient happiness and the quality of care they receive, thus improving overall patient satisfaction.

Grand Opening

When opening new service lines — such as a new specialty clinic or sister facility — locum tenens providers are often the ones paving the way until permanent, full-time providers can be hired.

Growth Promotion

Locum tenens providers promote growth and improvement! They give fresh ideas and new insights to keep facilities running smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, they provide a thrilling challenge to the facilities they join, offering alternative approaches and styles in medical care to the communities they serve.

Rural Expansion

Locum tenens providers can assist in expanding care options in rural areas. Hiring locum tenens providers increases medical emergency availability, offers more care options, and additional appointments can be made, thus granting greater medical access for patients.

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