What to Bring to a Physician Interview - Fusion Healthcare Staffing

A physician job interview is a lot like any other job interview, but it is unique in a number of ways as well. In case you yourself are preparing for your own interview for a physician position, here is a look at what you should plan on bringing to the interview.

Important documents

First, there are several important documents you should plan on bringing. You may not be asked for all of them, but it is better to be over-prepared rather than underprepared. Consider putting these documents together in a folder, portfolio, or binder so that you can access them quickly and easily. If you want a bag to transport them, opt for a briefcase over a backpack.

Extra copies of your CV. Don’t forget that you may be interviewed by multiple people. Keep extra copies of your CV handy in case your interviewers need them.

List of references. Your interviewer may ask you for a list of references at the interview as well. Have this ready at the interview to show you are prepared.

Letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation are a powerful way to set yourself apart as a candidate. Even if the employer does not ask for a letter of recommendation, consider offering one when they ask for a list of references.

Copies of degrees and other certificates. Bring copies of any licenses, degrees, or certifications that are relevant to the position.

Thank-you letters from patients. While not necessary, of course, thank-you letters from patients can set you apart from other candidates.

Other achievements. Have you received any awards or other honors as a physician? Keep copies of those just in case.

Proper attire

Of course, you should also plan on wearing the proper attire to your interview. Regardless of how casual the atmosphere is at the practice, wear professional business attire. For men, that means a dark blue or grey suit with a light colored shirt and conservative silk tie. For women, that means a conservative business suit paired with conservative shoes and jewelry.

Pen and paper

You simply never know when you’ll need to write something down.

Mints and water

Mints are a good idea for eliminating bad breath, and they are much safer than gum for a job interview. It’s also a good idea to bring some water with you to the interview so that you can sip on it before the interview starts.

Your spouse (if invited)

Because many physician positions will entail a major move or change in lifestyle, your spouse may be invited to your interview. Be sure to take an employer up on that invitation if they extend it. Bringing your spouse will allow your spouse to participate in the decision making process, and it can also eliminate the need for a second interview. It can also give your spouse the chance to tour the community or speak with a recruiter while you are in the interview.