Transitioning to a New Healthcare Position - Fusion Healthcare Staffing

Transitioning into a new position can be especially difficult in healthcare, which consistently sees understaffed organizations and a need for experienced physicians. It is important ensure that you leave your current practice on good terms and that you maintain strong connections with the professionals you have been working with. Here are some tips for transitioning from your current healthcare position to a new one.

Be prepared.

Sometimes the opportunity to transition into a new job arises very quickly and unexpectedly. Prepare for the unexpected by keeping your CV and LinkedIn profile up-to-date.

Work with a staffing agency.

Whether you were recently laid off, or you are simply looking for a change in your healthcare career, a staffing agency can help you reassess your career goals, gather your credentials, and connect with organizations that are a good fit for you.

Consider locum tenens.

If you are considering making a significant career change, consider working with a staffing agency to find a locum tenens position. That way, you can “test out” that career change before making a full-time commitment to a new position.

Leave your current position the right way.

There are definitely some dos and don’ts when it comes to leaving a current position, regardless of industry. In general, you want to be sure to give your current employer at least two weeks’ notice, deliver your resignation in person, thank your bosses and coworkers for what they have taught you, and participate in any final procedures such as the exit interview. You should also refrain from “checking out,” instead working hard to ensure that you finish strong. Offer to help train your replacement as feasible, and do what you can to help your employer ease the transition to a new employee. And finally, be respectful to your current employer; do not post anything negative about them on social media, and refrain from bragging about your new position to your coworkers.

Connect with your colleagues.

Whether you are considering making a career change or have already accepted a new position, it is a good idea to connect with other healthcare professionals you have been working with on LinkedIn. They can be a valuable resource as you transition into a new position, and they can always serve as references down the road.