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As more and more millennials enter the workforce, recruiters and employers are growing increasingly cognizant of the need to adapt hiring practices to attract young, new talent. This holds true for healthcare staffers as well as they address the growing need for physicians. Here is a look at what millennial physicians are looking for in their employers and how recruiting techniques can be adapted to attract these millennial physicians.

Work-life balance

One common misconception is that the top priority for most millennial physicians is a competitive salary. However, according to Bob Just, CEO of the Santa Rosa, California-based St. Joseph Heritage Medical Group, work-life balance tends to be much more important to these young physicians. Millennial physicians value vacation time and not being on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In his words, “When they’re off, they want to be off.”

Competitive pay

That said, competitive pay does still seem to be high priority. Questions about salary tend to come before questions about the practice, even if they do come after questions about work-life balance.


Though the common questions about work-life balance and competitive pay may paint the millennial physician to be self-centered, research seems to suggest that millennials, as a whole, are actually very team oriented. In general, millennial physicians seem to thrive in a work environment where skilled professionals are collaborating and learning from one another.


Millennials do value education, and even after they complete school, they welcome opportunities to expand upon their education. This is why many millennial physicians love joining practices where there are seasoned physicians who can offer them mentorship and guidance during their first few years of practice. They also crave feedback on what they’re doing wrong and what they can improve on so that they can better hone their healthcare skills.


It’s no surprise that millennial physicians by this point are well-versed with the many advances being made in technology. Because of this, they tend to thrive in environments that are making use of technological advances and new, advanced treatments in order to provide better care.

Opportunities for growth

Millennial physicians, and millennials as a whole, tend to have a more flexible view of careers, with the lifelong career being a long, winding path that offers a diverse array of opportunities for personal and professional growth. Millennials expect to adapt to new environments and to hone new skills as they do so.


What Millennial Physicians Are Looking For